The Blue Whale Game

I can guess your wondering, “What is the blue whale game, and why should I be informed?”

Well as it seems harmless when you first hear of it, it’s actually something to worry about, especially if you have a teenage relative in your family. 

The blue whale game is a challenge that consists of 50 tasks to do throughout 50 days, but these aren’t just any harmless challenges like taking an ice bath or whatever. These can include cutting yourself, watching horror movies and waking up at exactly 4:20am.

The challenges progress to get worse throughout the days. The first one is cutting the shape of a whale into your hand with a razor or a knife, and the last one, worst of all, is to end your own life.

But how did this begin?

The best source of information I could find was a YouTube video, which you can view by clicking here.

The challenge originated in Russia, when teens were recieving private messages on Social Media of a link, that when clicked, would give away your IP Address to malicious hackers that would force you to play the game, or you would be tracked down.

Over 130+ teens have been sent this message, and have been a victim all over Russia.

But why is it a problem if I’m not in Russia?

Recently, hackers have been sending links to people around Northern Ireland, Scotland and England and apparently, over 100 people have completed the challenge and now police and goverment are recommending to keep an eye on their teenagers, and check if their safe.

How can I avoid this?

It’s really simple; just don’t click on any links that strangers give you. I know it boosts up your curiousity everytime you think about it, but the best thing to do is to block the sender and report them to a parent or police.

Now that I have all the questions out the way, I’ve decided to link good sources of information about this whole thing, which you can see below:

When on social media, prepare yourself and be ready because anything can happen.


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